Adavu supports Sabyasachi & performed in fundraiser

Adavu Kalaikuzhu supports Sabyasachi and prays for his speedy recovery.

Adavu Kalaikuzhu performed in a satsung for prayers and fundraiser to support Sabyasachi’s family and his medical expenses.

Some background on Sabya and his story:

Sabya lives in Collegeville with his family and you may likely be connected with him via your friends or ‘friends of friends; – in other words, he is ‘one of us’.

Sabya was vacationing in California with family and friends when he was stricken with life threatening brain aneurysm on February 17th 2018. He had to be airlifted from the hospital at Visalia to UCSF. After being in a state of medically induced coma for three days, on Feb 20th he went through a 10hr brain surgery for the AVM rupture. On March 30th, he was airlifted to Penn Medicine Rehab Center in West Chester, closer to home, still in comma. After being in coma for almost 5 months, he started regaining consciousness in June 2018, post another surgery at UPenn.

Sabyasachi Udgata is on his way to a miraculous recovery as he emerges from Brain Aneurysm and subsequent surgeries. Infinite prayers , relentless support , incessant efforts of Sabya’s family and friends have brought Sabya to a state where he can recognize people , talk , sit and attempt to walk. This is the same individual who not very long ago was declared as ‘vegetative’, as one who would never be able to talk, recognize people, move a finger, or have any considerable presence which could declare him ‘alive’.*

Click this link to read more about Sabyasachi

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